The Silhouette

Today, I woke up with a silhouette of my future in the forefront of mind; I stood in awe at its beauty and the mysterious & many forms it took on.

I saw me on my knees in gratitude for all that God had done for me.

I saw a form of unspeakable joy and laughter all around me.

I saw my daughters sitting around me, with my husband holding my hands. They were all grown up and beautiful inside and out. They sat around me telling me of all the great things they were experiencing in life.

I saw silver and black balloons being released in the air, celebrating forty years of marriage and the fortitude we had for the promise we made.

I saw a huge table with family around it; I saw my girls again and beside them were men who loved them, I saw tiny feet running around the house-somehow I knew we did well in raising them.

I saw awards all around my wall from their achievements as well as mine. I saw pictures of people’s lives that I touched and who touched mine. I saw numerous photos of places all over the world that I had traveled; what an indescribable, and overwhelming expression of my destiny.

I saw my words embedded in the hearts of the souls of man, I saw how they strengthened the weak and strong, the young and the old, from different cultures and different races.

I saw my feet dangling in the most majestic blue waters.

I saw myself on the sitting-ledge of a huge boulder under a cool waterfall on a perfect and still summer day.

I saw places that I did not recognize, but my feet did! They remembered all the places my dreams, faith, perseverance, and favor treaded.

I saw myself standing on the peak of a mountain in awe of the beauty of this world when you stand above it, and the strength I found out I had to climb it.

I saw myself holding a little child’s face in my hand; I could feel the innocence and love from his or her eyes- I could have stayed in that moment forever.

I saw myself laying in the sand along the ocean shore line and hearing the sweet, tender voice of the lover of my soul whispering to me , “today I dropped a tear in the ocean for you and the day you find is the day that I stop loving you” With my eyes looking up into his ……my heart received.

I saw myself sitting in an old, but comfortable wooded chair outside of an old, but beautiful wooden cabin looking up at stars in the sky as each of them, one by one began to share in confidence their names. I responded with my heart once again, “your secret is safe with me.”

I saw the faithfulness of my savior and all that he gave His life for

I saw the abundance of life…..I saw that it was even more

I saw what can be, what is, and what will be – Yes I saw sure possibility!

What do you see in your silhouette ?

Tiffany James, Encouraging Touch Enterprise

“Give a gift that creates a Legacy to Encourage, Inspire, and Bless those you love for a life time”

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