give a gift that goes beyond the ordinary—
a gift that builds a legacy, leaving a lasting impact

Over the course of the year, our beautiful encouragement box proudly features a different female entrepreneur, shedding light on the unwavering strength and resilience of women who break barriers and refuse to be constrained by limitations.
Let's shift the narrative from competition to collaboration, acknowledging and honoring each other's greatness. The curated contents of this box are designed not just to encourage but to celebrate and empower the unique journey of embracing your own greatness.

The You Belong in The Room
Encouragement Box

The “You Belong in the Room Encouragement Box” transcends beyond an ordinary box; it's an empowerment movement. Each box is a testament to supporting women-owned businesses, specifically those without a physical storefront.

The Box has been curated to look greatness in the eyes and honor it. Our current box features the following women entrepreneurs' who have been audacious enough to know they belong in the room:

• A breathtaking work of storytelling with the book, Living in the Land of ! am- Your Life Journey Reveals Your Purpose by Tiffany James, author and owner of Encouraging Touch.
• Inspirational postcards with original poems and quotes by Tiffany James.
• Handmade with love, soy wax candle infused with fragrance oils & tranquility sleep spray by Elizabeth Brown, owner of GG BayBeez.
• Designer Bra Straps from Emerging Brand BRA-série: Elevating Your Style and Empowering Women to Flaunt Their Shoulders with Confidence.
• Customize your ears with "Ear Sweaters" by Lady LaShay because it's never too hot for Ear Sweaters.

Give a gift that goes beyond the ordinary—a gift that builds a legacy, leaving a lasting impact. Join us in fostering a community that uplifts and empowers, one box at a time. By purchasing this box, you’re championing on a woman with an unstoppable determination to rock their greatness.

Valued at $85.00, this exclusive offer is extended to you at $65.00.

Give a Gift
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If obtaining a box isn't feasible for you at the moment, please consider contributing through donations, helping us continue spotlighting and honoring the next woman-owned business. Your support fuels our mission to champion these remarkable individuals and share their inspiring stories.


We encourage you to take an active role in our initiative. If you know of a woman with products deserving recognition, please nominate her by reaching out to us at
Please bear in mind that nominated products must meet specific size and pricing criteria to be eligible for feature consideration. Your involvement makes a meaningful impact in uplifting and promoting the achievements of women entrepreneurs.

Your Involvement makes a Meaningful Impact...


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