Seeing is not always believing

I can find a message in anything, especially movies or TV shows. A few weeks ago, I wanted to watch a positive show. As I was searching through Amazon I found an old series, “Touched by an Angel.” I am telling my age. I remember the show, but I don’t remember not one episode, so I made it my mission to watch all nine seasons, which is 212 episodes. Now, anyone who knows me, already know I am too busy to binge-watch 212 episodes. Instead, I decided that I would watch an episode every time I have a little down time and I have enjoyed every episode and the messages are powerful. I wish someone could bring this show back. Our so-called family programs can use a touch from an Angel.

In saying that, I just finished season three and there was an episode called “Last Call” where the angel, Monica, who is the main character in the series, is given the task to give away a miracle to someone in a bar. The problem is she doesn’t know who the miracle belongs to, seeing that every person in the bar could clearly use a miracle. There was the bar owner who was shot during a robbery and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, there was a husband with co-dependency issues and a wife who did not know how to help him, there was a father whose daughter had not spoken to him in over eight years, there was a young girl who obviously was a call girl, and a man guilt ridden because unbeknownst to anyone in the bar he had just got out of prison and was responsible for the bar owners condition.

The angel was having a hard time trying to determine who deserved the miracle the most. Finally, exhausted from hearing all their complaining about their life, she decided to tell them she was an angel. Now, of course you know they mocked her, but out of desperation she decided to reveal her angelic appearance so they could believe. Yet, the crazy part is they begin to tell each other why the other needed the miracle.. passing it off as if someone had just offered them a measly $50.00 bill, as if that was enough to change anything. They could clearly see she was an Angel realizing that God is real, but still could not believe that He had the full power to change anything in their lives. Sounds generous and kind? No, because none of them would take it and even started giving reasons why their life was not so bad. I could not believe it and neither could the angel, God had sent a miracle and they refused it. Finally, the angel realized that God wanted to give a miracle to everyone and that the miracle was within them. They had the power within them to choose … the bar owner could choose to forgive the man who shot him because healing his legs would not heal his bitter heart. The husband with the co-dependency issues could choose to start making decisions on his own and be the man of the house, the young girl could choose to take a real job and start her life over, even if the job which was offered to her by the bar owner did not pay well. The man ridden with guilt could choose to humble himself and ask for forgiveness, and all the father had to do was pick up the phone and call his daughter and stop drinking her absence away. They had all been given the miracle to choose, which at the end they all took the miracle to believe that God had given them everything they needed to change their situation for the better. When they chose the outcome was just that- miraculous.

My question is, how many times have you turned down a miracle? How many times has God presented a miracle before you in regards to your circumstances and you simply ignored it or maybe even said I don’t want or need it? Before you answer…. let me make it plain- Have you turned down the miracle to choose to forgive that friend, church, spouse, or child? Have you turned the miracle of choosing to walk away from a relationship that he has shown you over and over again that it will end in disaster, but if you just let go He would send someone who will truly love and value you? What about the miracle to choose to step away from a job and take a chance with a new company, but you are so scared to let go of the familiar, so you settle for that “something is better than nothing” lie? Or maybe, its the miracle to choose to trust Him when you don’t see anything happening in a situation you have prayed about? Could it be the miracle to be healed in your body and peace of mind by simply choosing to rest, but you keep turning that miracle down by continuing to run around, being everything to everybody.

In closing, I want you to know that according to a miracle is defined as a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency. And yes, having a the power of choice, guided by Him in every situation and seeing Him work all things together for good is truly a surprising, welcomed, and divine gift.

Sometimes the miracle is staring right at you. Lets not be like these poor souls were in the beginning.. looking at a messenger from God, but still not believing that their lives could be any different. What miracle does God has for you that He wants you to unfold? Choose and watch what happens!

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