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This morning I pondered on the new year that is approaching quickly. Every year I release a New Year’s message to encourage someone through what God has spoken to me as I move into the new season. So, I grabbed my bible to see what God wanted to speak through His word for us. I flipped through the pages and landed on Psalms 106, as I read the eyes of my heart were enlightened, but by the time I got to the seventh verse on down something in my spirit was being provoked. Reading about the attitudes and actions of an unbelieving generation in this passage, whom God loved, delivered and called His own caused me to really look within.

Reflecting inwardly about the actions of the children of Isreal I began to compare them to my own in 2015. Have I considered God’s wondrous works; did I remember the abundance of His steadfast love? Did He rebuke the Red Sea ( the impossible obstacles) that stood before me; creating a clear, dry, safe path for me. Yet, had I rebelled every time I faced another Red Sea experience. Had I forgotten to continually believe His word and to sing His praise? Did He deliver me from the hand of the foe; redeeming me from the power of the enemy, but soon after had I forgotten His works; and not waited on His counsel? Have I put God to the test in the desert? Did He give me what I asked, but it consumed me, because I was not ready for it? Have I exchanged the Glory of God for the images of Success? Have I forgotten God, my Savior and all the great things He has done since He delivered me from Egypt? Have I forgotten the testimonies of my past because there was no movement of the new sea before me? Have I despised the present land, having no faith in His promises? Have I murmured so much about the things that I did not see that it has silenced the voice of the Lord? Have I provoked the Lord with my unbelief? Have I compromised and become entangled with people and assignments that God did not ordain? Have I moved when He told me to be still? Have I been still when He told me to move? Have I ran towards the wisdom of man before seeking Him first? Like Moses, have I been so angry with the people that I became bitter in my spirit and found myself speaking rashly with my lips towards them? Have I truly believed the promises of God? Have I sought first the Kingdom of God as diligently as I recited it? Have I confessed with my mouth, but have not believed in my heart? Have I missed what God was doing behind the scenes in 2015 , therefore causing me to be doubtful in 2016? We end one year looking forward to a new and better year, putting our petitions before the Lord. We forget that He is not a genie in a bottle. He is all knowing and ever present. We can be so close to the promise land and miss out because we still have not learned to trust that His ways are not our ways, but His ways are so much higher. We enter a new season questioning why God did or did not do what we expected; wondering where is our land overflowing with milk and honey. We never stop to think how we reacted and responded during the journey. We are quick to complain and slow to praise. We tend to put our focus on ourselves instead of putting them on God. The children of Isreal stopped serving God because they were too busy serving self. As a parent I want to abundantly bless my children, but it would hurt me if all I ever heard from them is what they need, what they want, what is not working out for them, what they are tired of, what I have not done as parent, what promises they think I have not came through on. Never being grateful for what I have done and never trusting that every decision I make is for their good. God owes us nothing, but longs to give us the desires of our hearts. Before you enter into 2016, began to reflect on your attitude in 2015. Your attitude is the library of your past, the speaker of your present, and the prophet of your future. Ask the Lord to search and try your heart and if there be any grievous ways in you to lead you to His everlasting truth. When I asked the question, “have I” the Lord showed me something in my heart that was not in rhythm with His, He revealed how I was very close to walking in the same mindset as Job (becoming righteous in my own eyes). I repented, as God gently and patiently walked through it with me until I gained understanding. I am so grateful because He wants us to prosper even as my soul prospers. I am entering 2016, with the Joshua and Caleb spirit ! The ending of Psalms 106 is my prayer for myself and each of you: “Save us, O Lord our God, and gather us from among the nations, that we may give thanks to your holy name and glory in your praise. Blessed be the Lord, the God of Isreal, from everlasting to everlasting! and let all the people say, AMEN! Praise the Lord.”
All He wants from His children is for us to believe and trust in Him, to acknowledge that He is Lord and He is worthy to be praised! If He never does another big thing, He is yet still God and He is yet still Good. Have you thought about Him lately? Be Ye Encouraged- I’m a little early because I wanted you to have time to reflect with the Lord. Happy New Years and Love each of you.

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