Do Not Be Discouraged with What You Do Not Have !

When I first started pursuing my purpose 10 years ago, I had a magnificent website created for me by one of my spiritual daughters.  Over the years, I made a few adjustments, including adding my book to my store and updating my colors and fonts.

But over the last decade, I have grown. And I wanted to let the world know about this incredible gift that I love and have been entrusted with and be able to present that through an updated website.

However, year after year, I was discouraged because the cost to build a website from scratch the way I wanted was in the thousands, which I didn’t have. Yet, I remained patient and praying.

Then a year ago, one of my spiritual daughters—who had no idea about my desire for a new website—was praying about how to bless me. She asked if I wanted her to design my new website. And so, the journey began.

Our first challenge was finding simple words to express who I am and all I have to offer. I think that is the struggle most people have stepping out with their offers and revealing themselves to the world. This was especially challenging for me because I’m in so many different arenas: I’m an author, a speaker, a storyteller, and an encouragement coach.

This was also important to me because I didn’t want a brand that was just for show to sell products and would come across as cookie cutter like everyone else. Ultimately, I wanted this website to communicate that if someone is going through a discouraging season in life and they’re stuck, and they feel like they’re alone-I’m right here, whether they purchase anything or not. And whether you need a personal encourager, an inspirational resource, or a speaker or storyteller for your event, I am all about helping you find your voice, and I’m here to encourage you —I’d rather have a site that maybe isn’t as polished but reflects who I am.

The next stage of our journey was getting the technology set up—something I didn’t have the time or desire to figure out. She helped me sign up with a calendar booking software to automatically schedule appointments and other tools I’d need as an entrepreneur. She held me accountable to my purpose. It’s been a journey and God’s not finished yet. 

But today, I am proud to reveal my new website because it got to the core of me, and it represents me. Now I can show up and be who I was created to be.

An Encourager is who I am—and from that tree grows all these beautiful blossoming branches. Whether I’m writing, storytelling, speaking or coaching—this website speaks to core of who I am. My hope is that you’ll be encouraged just by visiting. There are free downloads, including a free greatness workshop and the first spoken word piece I ever recorded in a studio, called, “You Are That Woman.”

 I know there are a lot of people who feel disheartened because they don’t have the funds to do what you desire, whether that be a website, starting a business, writing a book, etc.  I share this story to encourage you that God sees the desires of your heart. He is the master orchestrator of your purpose, and He knows what you need, and His timing is impeccable. Trust the process.  I invite you to stop by and check my new website out and share it with others, as I am on a mission to transform lives one person at a time.  And as always, be ye encouraged! 

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  1. Antranettda Elliott says:

    Sis I am so proud of you! I remember your desire to write your first book! You spoke your desire and never stopped pursuing. Your journey is encouraging to me! Continue to put that pin to paper and continue to let your voice be heard because the World is crying out and your gifts from God are truly blessings. ❤️

  2. gateio says:

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