Brokenness and Wholeness Birthed from the Same Womb

My heart reluctantly opened her mouth, the voice of her tears began to speak with full courage to the uncertainty of self. Brokenness and wholeness fighting to occupy the sacred places of her chamber. Reasoning their position to be heard, valued, and free.

Her brokenness lovely yet delicate while attempting to remain consistent with herself. It is in her brokenness that her vulnerability to be candid is authentically present. Frustrated at times by her voice only being heard through fragments of pain not through the harmony of wholeness, as if the heart is not complicated enough.
Brokenness is the agony of the soul that cries out for healing beyond the heart’s comprehension … in brokenness the heart feels everything. Issues that only ventured to the shore of the heart’s chamber, afraid to surrender oneself to the ocean floor of raw emotions. Afraid to be anchored in the totality of self. Not knowing that the deeper and further one goes the freer one becomes. My heart entered the depths of her own chamber- naked, weary, unsure, and unpolished.

But this time instead of allowing fear alone to occupy the sacred place of the heart’s chamber, she emancipates herself to the complexity of what she possess, it was then, she allowed them both to see each other for the first time: brokenness and wholeness. Awe-stricken by each other’s undisclosed strengths and weaknesses, embracing the once inconceivable truth −they are one in the same. Each one dependent on the other; finding their place and purpose within the embrace of what no one will dare speak out loud. The unsaid but lived out truth that brokenness and wholeness are birthed from the same womb. Shall we dare speak of it? But who desires to remain hidden in the darkness to avoid the consciousness of what is truly going on in his or her life and who wants to remain in the heat of the sun while never encountering the magic of the moon. Shall we dare speak of it? Could beauty be birthed out of brokenness? Is it possible to be made whole without ever haven been broken? What happens when one does not try to dominate the other, when embrace, strength, empathy, and permission becomes the condition of the heart. Could this be the epitome of what it means to embrace our inner most being and allow the heart to open her mouth and speak.

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