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A Self-Discovery Journey

I know how hard it is to not only discover your voice but to own it. We are constantly questioning our own greatness. We have this reoccurring thought process that causes us to wonder if our work is good enough, what critique will be given, or will anyone want to hear or read what we have to say. I want you to know your voice matters and someone wants to hear it. I dreamt of impacting the world through my writings (I know you may be thinking, “the world?” Yes, I can be overly optimistic —it is a gift), but even still I was afraid. I realized I had to do more than discover my voice-- I had to fall in love with it. It was a beautiful journey of self-discovery. June of 2019, although having been a co-author and a blogger, I released my solo book to the world. Now, when I coach my clients, I use several different techniques I developed to help others to find their voice and embrace their writings. 

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Leave knowing the next step you need to take to get your writing published, with the wind in your sails to do it.

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"Tiffany read my draft and felt a certain section would lose readers, but I felt it was necessary to say. We grappled with this section until it ultimately became the crown jewel of my book.


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Getting Started
Identify the Blockage
Discovering your Voice (we all have a unique sound)
Learning How to Fall in Love with your Voice.
The Writing Technique
The Challenge & The Embrace


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A lot of people won’t put their stories out there because they’re afraid of rejection. So I offer writer’s coaching to explore and inspire-- all while encouraging you to fall in love with your own voice. With your writing published, you will feel accomplished, fully owning your identity as a writer. 

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a Self-Discovery Journey