Can I Have a Moment With You?

Can I have a moment with you; a moment where it’s just me and you. I’m not asking for a lifetime even though that would be alright. I just want a moment where there is total serenity, a place in time where I have no worries about my identity. A moment where I’m embodied in Faith and I do not have to worry about my life, just a moment papa would be nice. A moment where silence is assurance and stillness is rest. A moment with you where I never question the integrity of your heart for me. May I have a moment where even in darkness the light of your love, only shows the traces of your handprint upon my heart? May I have a moment with you, nothing else at this point in my life will do. I need one moment; a moment when I can hear one word from you that will remain a mystery to the world, but solidifies all my questions of why? May I have one moment with you, where every curse that has ever been spoken over my life, in that one moment, is broken! Can I have a moment, where fear has to disappear and the power of your presence is the only thing that is real? One moment that makes me feel like it’s been a life time. A moment with you where there is no TV, no desktop, no laptop, no games, no social media, no conversations, no sermon, where I don’t have to go to church to search, and no phone, but it’s just me and you alone- Just one moment with you will do. In order for me to have spiritual conception, I need intimacy without distractions. I was not designed to always be pre-occupied, the devil is a lie. I was designed to walk with you in the cool of the day, not to worry about anything in life because with all temptation you will make a way escape. I’ve been desperate for a long time; I thought I was on the right path, so I could not figure out why? Why was I still feeling empty at times? Then, one day a song within began to play… “Can I have a moment with you; there is nothing else I rather do.” It was then that I knew I missing something and I could only find it in you. All I need is one word, one kiss, one touch, one breath, in one moment. A moment where my so called failures won’t frustrate me. One moment where it’s not about ordinary Christianity, but Kingdom reality. Can I have one moment where I lose consciousness of my present circumstances, so that I can bask in all of your amazing plans? Can I have one moment with you where you deposit the miracle of your resurrection within me? The moment where nothing stands in my way, one moment where I sit at the feet with the Spirit of Truth, the moment where It’s me and you.
Can I have one moment?

Tiffany James, Encouraging Touch Enterprise

“Give a gift that creates a Legacy to Encourage, Inspire, and Bless those you love for a life time”

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